Saturday, September 25, 2010

SEED Issue #0 - Part 1 of 3


What does one say in a first post?
This is the cyber equivalent of renting out an empty white room, sitting on a chair in the middle of that room, and talking to myself.
Which funnily enough sounds a lot like what i do every weekend.

Alright, no more goofing around, this is serious business dammit!

Here's an explanation of what this is all about:
A few months ago, my buddy Mike asked if i was interested in hopping on the "local comic scene" train,suddenly and impulsively the word "Yes" was blurted by yours truly, followed by an exclamation mark "!".

It looked a bit like this: "Yes!"

Mike had planted the Seed (see what i just did there?)... Unknowingly, he had caused sleepless nights, wrist injuries and many tears.
I shall exact my revenge on him soon!

Anyway, initial ideas were formed, sketches were drawn, and every time i hit a bump in the road, i'd turn to Tony for a brainstorming session, who's been there since day one, throwing awesome ideas left and right.

This is SEED, stay tuned as the story unfolds...
P.S. Today is my birthday... Cash gifts may take the form of currency, check, credit card contribution, or wire transfers.
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